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12 Mindblowing Benifits of Ayurveda Fumigation (Dhoopana)

Ayurveda fumigation or dhoopana
Ayurveda fumigation dhoopana
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What is Ayurveda Fumigation or Dhoopana or Dhoomapana?

Dhoopana or Ayurvedic Fumigation formulations comprising of minerals, herbs and animal products with the view of reaping benefits from these formulations by discarding the microbial contamination. This method of practice in Ayurveda is for maintaining the internal and external environment of the human. This is a part of preventive measures in Ayurveda practices

We live in an environment that is filled up with millions of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses etc. As per the study, 37% of our household dust are contributing by these microorganisms. Approximately, microbes in the air range from 10 to 10,000 per cubic meter. These microbes are powerful to live in temperature from -20 degrees celsius to 100 degrees. Even though all the microbes are not pathogenic, we human considered them all as infection-causing agents. its find out that only 25-25 percent are pathogenic

The 12 Amazing Benefits of Ayurveda Fumigation (Dhoopana)

  1. It can be used to avoid pests, insects and rodents in house or office or in the hospital to prevent an outbreak, especially when moisture in the air is very high or in winter or rainy season.
  2. It is highly effective to purify therapeutic rooms or patient care area
  3. Ayurveda fumigation was also used before storing grains, cereals and raw drugs, as it can increase self-life of these items.
  4. It can also use to disinfect vessels, using for medication or preparation of medicines
  5. This method of fumigation is effective to disinfect clothes or household items
  6. Used as a means of drug administration
  7. It is used in disease conditions like wounds, fever and mental conditions etc.
  8. Dhoopana done before storing of raw drugs and cereals helps to increase their shelflife and preserves potency.
  9. Disinfects vessels used for medicine preparation.
  10. Clothes and other household items can be kept disinfected and sterile by Ayurveda fumigation (Dhoopana) method.
  11. This form of drug delivery through the inhalation route having several benefits such us ease of drug administration, higher bioavailability &bhigh potential to penetrate the blood-brain barrier
  12. The volatility of drugs used in Dhoopana, has an advantage in lowering microbial contamination in the area which is difficult to reach

List of Various Drugs Used In Ayurveda Fumigation / Dhoomapana

Sr No.DravyaLatin NameFamilyOfficial partProportion
1GugguluCommiferamukul EnglBurseraceaeNiryasa1.5 parts
2UshiraVetiveriazizanoids LinnGraminaeRoot1.5 parts
3VachaAcoruscalamus LinnAraceaeRhizome1 part
4RalaShorearobusta Gaertn.DipterocarpaceaeNiryasa1.5 parts
5NimbaAzadirectaindica Juss.MeliaceaeStem bark1.5 parts
6ArkaCalotropisprocera LinnAsclepiadaceaeMoola1.5 parts
7DevadaruCedrusdeodara Loud.PinaceaeBark1.5 parts
8LobanBoswelliacarterii Roxb.BursuraceaeNiryasa3 parts
Drugs Used In Ayurveda Fumigation

The Proven effectiveness of Ayurveda Fumigation / Dhoopana

Many hospitals in India has conducted studies about the effectiveness of this fumigation, links to those reports are given below. However, the effectiveness of this on viruses is yet to be proven

Ayurveda Fumigation Report 1

Ayurveda Fumigation Report 2

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