Does Walking really help for weight loss? See the research results

It is quite interesting that more people are now focusing on walking for weight loss as it is a very easy thing for them to do, so does this really work? Let’s find out.

Walking daily for weight loss benifit
Walking daily for weight loss benifit
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When a sedentary lifestyle causes obesity1, waking is a simple weight loss measure one can think about. It is quite interesting that more people are now focusing on walking for weight loss as it is a very easy thing for them to do, so does this really work? Let’s find out.

Of course, walking helps to control weight. However brisk walking is more effective in the case of an obese individual, as a relaxed mode of walking will not have much effect on reducing body weight.

Studies2 shows that brisk walking with weight held in hands will help to get faster results. Even walking for at least 30 minutes can help you to burn calorie more than 150 in a day

Here are certain tips which are proven with research studies by various organizations. Read till the end to understand the right technique you need to adapt to get maximum weight loss effect to the body from walking.

How To Walk: Few Tips For Maximum Effect On Reducing Body Weight

  • Choose right foot wear

Shoes is all you need for walking. Choosing the right shoes is important. Walking shoes are usually highly flexible and lightweight. Shoes that comfortably fit can be chosen, always prefer a good brand, which will have more comfortability and proper fitting.

Five finger shoes are a good alternative for normal walking shoes. Which gives the effects of walking barefoot. This is good for natural muscle movement and also to reduce ankle pain.

  • Plan your Route / place for walking

Walking on a ground surrounded by more trees are much better than walking on a congested, highly traffic road. Increased carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from vehicles will get into your lungs. Usually, when you do brisk walking, you tend to have a higher respiratory rate. This causes more intake of air. So plan and select an area where more fresh air and less or no pollution is surrounded. This will have more positive benefit toward one’s health

  • Walking with a partner

Walking with a partner will make it more fun and engaging, sometimes we don’t even think about the distance covered. However, studies have found that walking with your ‘crush’ will slow you down3, this will reduce the benefit of brisk walking. Male tends to walk faster than females. When you are walking for weight loss let the partner know that they are slowing you down.

  • Walk on day light

Walking on daylight especially morning and evening will reduce the deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency have many impacts on your body, it helps in calcium absorption, research has found out that, it even helps in the management of diabetes mellitus

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Proper Walking Technique One Need To Follow To Achieve Maximum Benefit

 When you are trying for body fat reduction, you should also follow proper walking technique, below infographic will give you more clarity on the technique you need to follow.

Proper Walking Technique info-graphic
Walk technique

Following video explains the few more technique you can adapt for improving benefits

Physical Therapist Shows How To Walk Correctly

What Walking Does To Your Body: Changes You Body Adopt within Few Weeks

  1. Heart:  Walking reduce death due to cardiovascular disease by 32%4
  2. Arms: Frequent movement will help to reduce upper arm fat deposit
  3. Abdominal Fat: Brisk walking helps in abdominal fat reduction if you combine this exercise with proper diet intake
  4. Buttocks: Do you want to have toned glutes, start walking daily
  5. Thighs: Do you have fatty thighs, start with walking for good results
  6. Control on Weight Gain4: A 2009 survey of nearly five thousand men and women found that the average American earns about 2.2 pounds a year during middle age. Yet those who walked gained slightly less weight over the 15-year study than those who haven’t; the more exercise, the less weight gain. And in the biggest people, the gain was highest. For example, a 160-pound person saved about 18 pounds of flab over 15 years of age by walking for just 35 minutes a day.

How Much do You Really Need to Walk to Lose Weight?

How Much Walk to Lose Weight
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These days’ people hardly find time for everything.  This becomes a common question asked by most of the people to find out the right amount of walk to lose their body fat.

As per the research conducted by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), It has found out that, the person who is obese need to walk at least 3 to 5 hours per week, If you are someone who walk every day. The right amount of walking is about 1 hour per day.

However, you need to remember that walking in a completely relaxed way may not help you much. You should do a “high intensive walking” for the weight loss purpose.


Walking will not benefit to your weight loss if you are not following above mentioned steps and technique. Walking followed by an high intensive exercise have more impact on ones body in case of fat reduction, However those who lead sedentary life, this is simple and an effective step toward their well being.