8 Immune System Booster Foods You Can Easily Find In Any Kitchen

How to boost the immune system?

It is a very common question “how to boost the immune system” and the answer is by consciously increasing the uptake of immune system boosting foods.

These easily available ayurvedic immune systems boosting food in your kitchen can supercharge both adults’ and kids’ immune systems naturally. Start eating it from today. This can not only prevent you from getting an infection but also can cure many ailments

Following are the superfoods easily available in your kitchen which can boost the immune system of your body

1. Amla (Indian gooseberry)

The great Indian Gooseberry stands at the first position in the immunity-boosting superfood. Ayurveda suggests having amla every day to avoid disease. Amla is one superfood that contains the highest amount of vitamin C, it has 17times more vitamin c than pomegranate and 8 times that of orange.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) stands at the first position in the immunity boosting super food
Indian Gooseberry is the immunity-boosting superfood ( All pictures licensed from freepik.com)

How to take amla

You can have amla as it is, and experience the magical taste of sweet by drinking a glass of water after eating it.

You can also have it in the form of juice

Amla soaked and dried in sugar or jaggery is also good

Amla can also be taken in the form of pickle

Benefits of Amla

  • Best immune system boosting food, this is one of the major combinations in Chyawanprash
  • Reduce cholesterol level
  • Helps in diabetes
  • Improves liver function
  • Improves eyesight
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Beautify you skin

2. Turmeric

turmeric-immune system booster food
turmeric-immune system booster food

Turmeric stands in the second position with its multiple benefits for the human body. It is not only useful for immune-boosting but also beneficial for many ailments. Curcumin found in turmeric is having high medicinal properties. Turmeric has blood-thinning properties, those who are taking blood thinners should be cautious when they have turmeric.

How to take turmeric for immunity boosting

Haldi milk or golden milk:- Mix a teaspoon of turmeric in warm milk and have it before you go to bed

Mix a pinch of ‘haldi’ or turmeric in a glass of warm water and drink

Mixing a pinch of turmeric and black pepper in a tablespoon of honey is beneficial for cough and throat infection

Benefits of Turmeric

  • Accelerate the immunity of your body
  • Blood-thinning property of turmeric helps in heart problems
  • Fight against infection
  • Clean and rejuvenate liver
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protect skin and remove skin infection
  • Act as bleach on the skin hence good for removing dark spots on the face
  • Continuous use on face decreases facial hair growth
  • Reduce joint pain due to arthritis

3. Garlic

My all-time favorite food. Many people don’t like to eat raw because of the strong taste. But in India, from ancient times we use this superfood. “Allicin” a sulfur-rich compound has a positive effect on boosting immunity

How to use garlic for immunity boosting

For getting the maximum benefit you have to eat it raw. I know you don’t like it, so here is a tip, crush or grind 2 or 3 cloves of garlic and mix it with your food, you barely notice the taste and you get it benefits.

But if you want to take garlic for reducing your cholesterol level make sure that you chew it in your mouth well before you swallow. Because for getting the full benefit it need to be mixed well with your saliva

Eating garlic with a little amount of salt is beneficial for gastric issues.

Never take garlic with Tea

Benefits of garlic

  • Boost your immunity naturally
  • It flavors the food
  • Beneficial for skin infection
  • Makes your body stronger in fighting against viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • It prevents the thickening of artery walls
  • Reduce blood pressure

4. Ginger

People love ginger, ginger tea is very common in India. Ginger is also my personal favorite. Where ever I talk about garlic or ginger I mean in raw form, not in any powder or paste form. All vegetables have amazing power when you take them in raw form. Then only the body can use all the beneficial antioxidants available in these foods.

How to use ginger

Even though I told to take it raw, having it in tea is not only gives good flavor but also beneficial for our health

Having raw ginger juice with honey can reduce throat irritation and infection

Ginger juice with raw honey is beneficial for gastric issues and menstrual pain in females


  • Antioxidants in ginger boost immunity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease nausea and vomiting.
  • Reduce or cure abdominal pain
  • Beneficial for abdominal cramps due to menstruation
  • Reduce a sore throat

5. Lemon & Other Citrus Fruits

immune system booster foods- citrus fruits
citrus fruits

The role of Vitamin C in keeping your immune system healthy is inevitable.

I have seen many people start taking vitamin c supplements when they get fiver or cold because they know the role of Vitamin C

Vitamin C renders a major role in the production of WBC (white blood cells). WBC is the front-line warriors who act a key role in fighting against infection. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid (AA) has an extensive role in the immune system. Its role in phagocytic cells like neutrophils has been investigated thoroughly and was recently reviewed

Vitamin C is thought to increase the production of white blood cells, which are key to fighting infections. Having any citrus fruit in your diet, easily fix the boost your immune system. There is a wide variety of citrus fruits are available to choose from- Lemons, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, limes, clementines, etc

How to use citrus fruits for boosting immunity

Have it in the form of raw juice

Peel the orange, add some cold water and blend it, have it fresh and chilled

Take a glass of water, squeeze a lemon, and add honey to taste. Take it on the empty stomach


  • Helps to boost your immune system
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduce free radicals in your body
  • Good antioxidant

6. Tea

Tea is a booster to immune system

The antioxidants present in Tea take a key role as a booster to the immune system. Tea is not only best for the immune system but also for cancer prevention. Both green and dark teas are pressed with flavonoids, a kind of cancer prevention agent.

Where green tea truly exceeds expectations is in its degrees of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), another incredible cancer prevention agent. Studies show that EGCG has been shown to enhance immune function. Green tea is additionally a decent wellspring of the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine may help in the creation of germ-fighting compounds in your T cells.

How to take tea

Boil water, add tea, add sugar to taste, and have it

Green tea needs bubbling hot water, add the green tea and wait for a few minutes. So that the essence will get released from the tea leaves

You can also chill this blend and have it as ice tea

Adding milk to tea will prevent the absorption of many beneficial compounds from tea

Benefits of Tea

  • EGCG boosts the immunity of your body
  • Antioxidants prevent aging
  • Good for your heart

7. Spinach

This green leafy vegetable you should include in your food every day. This superfood is filled with vitamins A, C and K, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Eating this is not only beneficial for your immune system but also for the health of your skin.

How to Take Spinach for Boosting Immune System

You can make spinach juice, blend it and strain it, you may add ginger or lemon to taste, or you can take it as it is. Drink this on an empty stomach for good absorption of nutrients

You can cook spinach in steam, cooking in steam keeps its nutrients. Cut into small pieces add some garlic, onion, a pinch of turmeric, scraped coconut, and salt to taste. Put it in a pan and close it, simply cook it on low flame. Mild cooking allows the release of nutrients from oxalic acid and also helps in the absorption of vitamin A

Benefits of Spinach

  • Super booster for your immunity
  • Beta carotene in spinach increase the ability of the immune system to fight against infection
  • Folate in spinach helps your body make new cells and repair DNA
  • Correct anemia and helps in blood production
  • It increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood

8. Broccoli

Like spinach, broccoli is also a good source of vitamins A, C, E, K and a rich source of B vitamins including folic acid and is also filled with fiber, and antioxidants to fight cancer. It is also has similar benefits of spinach.

How to take Broccoli

The best way to eat broccoli is to take it in raw form like using it in a salad.

Cooking it in steam for 2-3 minutes is also a good way to take it

Benefits of Broccoli

  • Improving the immunity of your body
  • The fiber in the broccoli helps in digestion and also prevents cancer
  • Increase blood volume by helping in erythropoiesis


Eating only one of these nourishments won’t be sufficient to help fend off this season’s cold virus or different contaminations, regardless of whether you eat it continually.

Eating right is an extraordinary beginning, and there are different things you can do to shield yourself and your family from this season’s cold virus, cold, and different ailments.

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