Pink Dragon Fruit: How good it is for you?

Pink dragon fruit (Hylocerus undatus) is a member of the Cactaceae family, it is also known as pitaya, pitahaya, or strawberry pears (cactus species). The bright pink dragon fruit has a bulbous shape and is admired for its sweet, fresh flavor and distinctive, decorative look (its spiky scales give it its name). The pink dragon fruit’s meat is pink in color.

Pink Dragon Fruit Plant

The main advantage of this crop is that it can grow for up to 20 years after being sown. It is a strong, quickly growing vine that needs help to become well-established. Its low maintenance requirements and low risk of pest and disease infestation make it a well-established new crop in many areas, some are China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, and Vietnam.

Taste of Pink Dragon Fruit

Even though the taste of Pink dragon fruit is sweet, it is indistinguishable. Probably I should say it is moderately sweet and crunchy. The seeds are crunchy and chewy, and the flesh is dense, semi-firm, delicate, and watery, giving it a texture like a kiwi fruit. When ripe, Pink dragon fruit is tight, lustrous, and vibrantly colored with little to no scent. The flavor of the flesh is delicate, sweet, earthy, somewhat acidic, and nuttiness from the seeds.

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Nutrition Information Chart of Pink Dragon Fruit

Nutrients present in one 6-ounce serving of the fruit:

Nutritional info chart of Pink Dragon Fruit
Nutritional Info chart Source:

Other Nutrients Present in Pink Dragon Fruit

  • Numerous healthy vitamins and minerals are included in dragon fruit, including:
  • Carotenoids (may lower cancer risk) (may reduce cancer risk).
  • Lycopene (may improve heart health and lower cancer risk) (may improve heart health and reduce cancer risk).
  • Magnesium (vital for healthy cell function; dragon fruit contains 18% of the daily required dose).
  • Dragon fruit includes 8% of the daily recommended consumption of iron, which is necessary for healthy blood and vitality.
  • Vitamin C (helps your body absorb iron and boosts immune system health).

Health Benefits of Pink Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit ripeness chart

There are a few essential factors to be taken into consideration while determining the ripeness of dragon fruit. They are color, softness, aroma, and seeds.

ColorGreenBright pink or yellowDarker pink or yellow
SoftnessFirmSlightly softSoft or mushy
AromaMild or absentSweet, fruityStrong or rotten
Dragon fruit ripeness chart

Please keep in mind that this chart is a general guide and that the timing of ripeness can vary depending on the variety of dragon fruit and the growing conditions. It is best to use a combination of these factors to determine the ripeness of a particular fruit.

How to Eat Pink Dragon Fruit

Pink Dragon Fruit cubes in a dish

Only the flesh (inside) of the dragon fruit should be consumed. Simply cut it into quarters and peel the skin aside to reveal the fruit. A paring knife can also be used to remove the skin from a whole fruit, as can cutting the fruit in half and using a spoon to remove the flesh.

Like many other sweet fruits, dragon fruit can be eaten. Slices or cubes can be added to a fruit or green salad or blended to create a fruit smoothie. Dragon fruit is also occasionally used as a garnish for cocktails and other fruity summer beverages.

Are passion fruit and dragon fruit the same thing

No, both are different. It is different in all forms. It doesn’t even look the same, its texture, taste, color is also different. Dragon fruit has a milder flavor, tasting similar to a blend of pear and kiwi, in contrary to the very sour and sweet passion fruit.

Is Dragon fruit star fruit ?

With the beneficial effect of the nutrients present in the fruit, we can call it as a star fruit.

how to tell if a dragon fruit is bad

By looking at the skin, we can identify whether the fruit is good or bad. If the skin look healthy and in good texture, you can assume the inner side is also good. We can keep dragon fruit for more day in fridge

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