Seasonal Food Regimen for Spring Season (Vasant Ritu)


Spring season (Vasant Ritu) Seasonal Diet Regimen

Ideal daily regimen to be healthy

Morning (Things to do)

  • Wake up early between 4.30 am- 5.00am or 45 min before sunrise.
  • Drink 1-3 glasses water kept in copper vessel.
  • Evacuate your bowels regularly & wash your hands, feet and face.
  • Danta – Dhavan – Brusing teeth (Neem, Babul, Khadir, Pilu Meswak)
  • Jivha Nirlekhana (Tongue scraping)
  • Gandusha/ Kavala – Gargling & Mouth rinsing with medicated water.
  • Nasya – 2 drops instillation of medicated oil in each nostril.
  • Exercise (according to season).
  • Self – body massage with oil followed by powder (according to season)
  • Bathing & Grooming.

Ratricharya (Night Regimen)

  • Supper – Within 3 hours after sunset or 8pm & bed time- 2 hours after supper (10pm)


  • Eat when you are hungry, at regular time, in right quantity (Based on Agni), warm meals, balanced diet (food containing all six tastes (Rasa), neither too fast neither too slow & compatible foods.

Seasonal regimen:

 Diet modifications

  • Easily Digestible foods are advised.
  • Intake of cereals like old barley, wheat, rice, & among pulses, lentil, green gram etc. are preferred.
  • Honey to be included in the diet.
  • Foods difficult to digest, viscous, cold, sweet and sour foods are not advisable.
  • New grains, curds, cold drinks are to be avoided.

Lifestyle modifications:

  • Medium exercises are recommended.
  • Powder massage (Udvartana) is preferred.
  • Day sleep is not advisable.