5 Easy Yoga Poses For Two People (Acro Yoga)

The ancient form of yoga can be done easily by one person. This modern yoga poses for two people is also called couple yoga or Acro yoga. It doesn’t mean that both partners should be from the opposite sex, of course, for those who are in a relationship this is an effective tool to increase their passion, however, this can be practiced with a partner of the same sex.

Before practicing this partner yoga pose or acro yoga, keep in mind about few important things

i.Perfection in Acro yoga can only be attained by practice.

Yes, there is no scripted perfect pose at all in acro yoga. In fact, it will not be perfect partner you have initially, but gradually with practice, this can improve step by step

ii. Do not try to impress

Off course as I said early, this will not be a perfect practice initially, we are here to get benefits to our mind, body and relationship, it is not to show of your supremacy or perfection

iii. Be clean and fresh

As you and your partner are going to spend time very close, make sure that both of you get comfortable in all aspect. You should maintain good physical hygine. Using of strong cologne is not recommended but some natural soothing lavender oil can be used or you can use mild perfume

iv. Keep mutual communication

Motivate each other, communicate any discomfort. Both are going to achieve success in this together. Hence one should support other through effective communication. In these yoga poses for two people is more beneficial for the couple as it gives more time together for them

Items needed to start Acro yoga poses are as follows

  1. A big Yoga mat to accommodate two or a good carpet also works
  2. Wear flexible and minimum cloths
  3. No need to wear shoes when you do yoga
  4. If you can do it in the presence of morning sunlight, it will be good
  5. Practicing easy streaching exercises will increase your outcome

5 Easily Practiced Yoga Poses For Two People

1. Pranayam or Breathing

As like usual yoga practice, it is always good to start with pranayama, this can calm both couples mind, Remember yoga is not only for the body but also for the mind too.


  1. In breathing both couples can sit back to back allowing to support each other’s back.
  2. Now practice simple breathing exercises, watch your thoughts and calm your mind.
  3. Start with simple breathing for 5 min, gradually increase up to 30 mins.

2. Couple’s spinal twister (seated)

This yoga pose helps you to increase the strength of spine and back muscle.


  • Start this by sitting on the same seated position face touching knee of both.
  • Each of you makes a cross with your hand
  • Hold the hands of another partner
  • Move towards opposite direction pulling partners hand
  • Start slowly
  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Once your muscles starts relaxing pull more


  • Increase the sense of giving and take feeling among couples
  • Relaxes and flex-back spine and muscle
  • Reduce lower abdominal fat
  • Give good shape to your hips

3. Couple tree pose

Couple tree Pose is an excellent acro yoga pose for couples

This is for flexibility and balance of your body. More over when you practice his this increase the feeling of support to each other. This increase a strong emotional bonding between couples.


  • Start with standing position
  • Stand at the side of with your partner, with side of each other’s body touching.
  • Expand your inside arms straight over your head, interlace both couples hand facing palm to palm.
  •  Now keeping the balance of your body slowly lifts outside foot and keep it against the internal thigh of the next leg by bending your knee and maintain balance
  • Now take the other hand and make a “Namaste” position by meeting palm to palm as in the picture. Breathe slowly.
  • Go back to starting position and repeat it again with opposite hands and legs.


  • It increase your feeling of care to each other and mutual support
  • It use various muscles of your body
  • Increase balance of your body
  • It opens the hip and helps in free and easy movement.

4. Couple Boat Pose

Couple Boat Pose acro yoga pose for couples
Couple Boat Pose

Couple Boat Pose is an excellent yoga poses for couples to strengthen their core muscle stability.


  • Start with siting position facing each other.
  • Be in same position slowly bending legs by keeping the sole of the feet on ground.
  • Move hands forward and grab each other’s hands, by holding above the wrist
  • Slowly raise your feet off the ground, keep balancing and keeping each other’s sole of the feet touching together, extend your legs fully.
  • Only part touching the ground should be your buttocks
  • Your body should be in a shape of a boat
  • Your bodies together will be in the shape of ‘W’
  • Keep your balance and breathe slowly


  • Increase strength of your core
  • Get toned abs, thighs and buttocks
  • In couple boat pose also gives strength to shoulder and back muscle
  • This pose is like a massage to your back
  • Relaxes shoulder stiffness

5. Supported Child Pose

Supported Child Pose in yoga poses for two people
Supported Child Pose

This is a simple pose for those who practice yoga. If you have any issues with hip or knee joint, avoid practicing this.


  • Can sit back to back allowing to support each other’s back
  • One partner can make child pose
  • To attain child pose sit on Vajrasana (Sitting on bottom by keeping both legs folded and keeping it comfortably at the side of thighs)
  • Bend forward and extend the hands
  • Head can be turned to a side and comfortably resting on ground
  • Other partner lower yourself by gently lying on the back of first partner
  • Slowly raise your hip and put all your body weight on the first partner in child pose
  • Relax and breathe slowly


  • It opens and flex hip muscles
  • Good exercise for lower back
  • Eliminate lower back stiffness


The continuing practice of Acro yoga poses for two people by couples will not only increase the flexibility of body but also the emotional stability among the couples. In a nutshell, Acro yoga keeps you in a balanced life both mentally and emotionally

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