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10 Amazing Benefits of Stretching Exercise No One Aware Off!!

Benefits of Stretching Exercise
Benefits of Stretching Exercise
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Life is all about stretching. Physically and mentally. Physically, stretching exercises have a huge impact on our body and its performances. Our muscles need constant stretching for giving optimum performances. When you stretch your body, it lengthens your muscles, moreover, it frees the tissues or fascia around the muscle, it also lengthens your tendons, this gives your body an awesome range of motion, So strengthening of the body with some easy stretching exercise will have good benefits to your body.

The Benefits of Stretching Exercises

1. Decrease cholesterol level in the blood

Stretching on a daily basis and eating a healthy food regimen can help reduce cholesterol. In turn, reduction in LDL cholesterol can prevent, and may even reverse, hardening of the arteries. Stretching also serves to useful resources in warding off coronary heart disease. And also keeps your body much younger and energetic.

2. Better body posture

Benefits of stretching exercises

Better body posture gives you more and more confidence, many people are suffering from backache because they don’t keep better posture, Stretching exercise also strengthens your back muscles, glutes, and your thighs and it enables you to maintain better posture. If you are having tight muscles, it is equally a weak muscle, this will not help you to be healthier. for the better posture you need to strengthen your muscles, especially back, glutes, thighs & core muscles. Do stretching exercises every day to stay fit.

3. Increases metabolism of the body

With age, ones metabolism starts diminishing, if you want to become younger by increase in your age, start doing stretching exercise. This will increase your body metabolism, when you have higher metabolism you will decrease fat deposit in the body and also improves energy. this helps in the reduction of body weight and helps in weight loss regimen.

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4. Stretching makes your muscles ready for the day

If you are someone who don’t do any physical activity, and suddenly in a movement you need to run, same time you will understand how difficult it will be. If you do daily stretching exercises, this will not be an issue. Stretching will increase blood flow to the various muscles, if you only practice this stretching exercises, still you get the benefit

5.Improves your performances at work

Studies have find out that, even stretching daily will improves your performance than the one who doesn’t. Stretching will prime your body to function better. It helps with more blood flow to all vital organs. It is also found that stretching exercise done in the morning will increase the concentration and focus during the working hours.

6. Increase Muscle Strength

Benefits of stretching exercises

Off course Stretching can’t replace your strength increasing exercises, but it could help preserve you strong. In a study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, people who stretched their legs for 40 minutes a few times a week stepped forward their one-rep max (the quantity of weight they might elevate at one time) by a median of 32 percentage for knee extension (straightening) exercise and 15 percent for knee flexion (bending) sports. They also advanced their muscular endurance, vertical bounce distance, and better long-jumping distance. Researchers accept as true with static stretching works your muscles further to improve sports activities, just on a smaller scale.

7. Prevents injury

Sudden stretching a tight muscle case injury, it gives tear to the muscle itself and also the surrounding fascia and tendons. As I mentioned earlier, keeping the muscle and fascia in a free moving condition by constant starching exercise, will gives you an advantage to take maximum benefit from it.

8. Stretching exercise gives you healthier joints

Who don’t suffer from joint injury in this era, have a healthy joints will help you to move freely. All your movements are depends on the health of your joints. If you doubt it, simple watch the people who suffer from joint injury. By doing even simple form of stretching exercise will gradually improve and conditions you joints. Stretching exercise will make your body less likely to suffer from runner’s knee or tennis elbow

9. Ease your stress

Stretching increase blood flow, it helps to supply more stream of blood to brain and muscle. More oxygen will be delivered to your organs, will helps to function it in optimum way.  When your brain is supplied with more oxygen a through blood it elevate your mood. More oxygen supply and blood supply will increase the strength of your brain, helps you think and act better

10. Improves sleep

Yes, studies have shown that, exercise improves sleep. Doing stretching exercise before sleeping will helps your body muscles to stretch, this will reduces muscle cramps and tight ness in the night. Moreover, reduced stress will helps you relax easily and will give you better sleep in the night.

Watch Below Video for total body stretching exercise

whole body stretching exercise

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