Medical Grade Healing Water: Read This Before Drinking (2023)

Water is very important for our body. But what is available in this century is over-polluted water. This can make you sick. But if you have medical-grade healing water, you can have better health in a short span of time. So what is medical grade healing water?

In this article, I am going to guide you with full details about medical-grade water, which can heal your body.

The Importance of Medical Grade Healing Water 

The majority of people living in the city drink RO water, otherwise called filtered water. The water filter mostly has 2 or 3 combinations of filters, RO, Ultra filter and UV filter are usual combinations. The TDS of water that comes out from this is less than 50, which is otherwise equal to distilled water, which is completely lacking natural minerals which are essential for our body. Medical Grade Healing Water might be new terminology for you but it is the same as alkaline water. This is also called as alkaline water or Kangen water.

Medical Grade Healing Water or Medical Grade Water – What is it?

Medical Grade Healing Water is prepared by groundwater that is hard or polluted and is treated with a specialized filter that has the power not only to remove excess chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals but also to increase the pH of water.

When the pH of the water increases, it turns alkaline. This can help to neutralize the acids in the body and keep our blood pH balanced

The difference between Alkaline Water and Reverse Osmosis (R.O) water

Alkaline water has a pH much higher than that of normal drinking water. This is achieved by various electrolysis processes. The pH value of normal drinking water or tap water is 7, which is in other words neutral. However, the pH of alkaline water is more than 8, which is alkaline in nature.

In the case of R.O water, nothing changes in the alkalinity of water. Here, with reverse osmosis (R.O) the Total dissolved solids (TDS) of water is changed with multiple purification processes. This means, in RO water, the amount of mineral and heavy metals are less when compare it with regular water.

Depending on the place where you live, the quality of regular water varies. If you are living in an industrial area, groundwater might have more chemicals and heavy metals. Also, the TDS level in groundwater is usually high, usually regular groundwater is considered hard water. If the TDS level is more than 2000 ppm it is not palatable. The ideal TDS level of drinking water should be between 300 to 600ppm. Fewer TDS make the water plain and mineral less. Which is not good for health.

Common Brand for Medical Grade Healing Water

The most common brand that distributes alkaline water machines is Kangen Enagic. They distribute it through MLM and is considerably costly

However, many brands like Tyent and Zero B are also in this business

Medical Grade Healing Water / Kangen water -Benefits

benefit of alkaline water or kangen water

There and many controversies going around in regard to the benefit of alkaline water. Many studies are done on this basis. However, more focused and in-depth studies are not conducted about medical grade healing water.

It is considered that consuming alkaline water is beneficial in

  1. Reflux disease
  2. Incidence of cancer
  3. GI problems
  4. Reducing viscosity of blood
  5. Increased oxygen delivery of blood
  6. Better nourishment to bodies immune system
  7. Rejuvenation of human body cells
  8. Better energy level

Even though Alkaline water is beneficial, it has many disadvantages. It is not recommended to drink alkaline water only.

The Disadvantages of Medical Grade Healing Water

  1. It is not advisable to drink medical-grade healing water only in everyday life. As the water is alkaline in nature, so it can interfere with and neutralize the stomach acids.
  2. Alkaline water still needs more detailed studies. The actual benefits and disadvantages are still not completely known.
  3. If you are planning to have it in your home, you will require specialized filters. Which is very costly.
  4. If you have it with your meals, this can cause indigestion as it interferes with gastric acids.

Homemade Medical Grade Healing Water or Alkaline Water Preparation

We can prepare natural healing water at home. This doesn’t have side effects as like artificial ones.

This is completely natural and easy to prepare.

Main ingredients for preparing Medical-Grade Healing water at home

  1. Cucumber
  2. Lemon
  3. Regular drinking water

Preparation of Natural Alkaline Water 

Take 1 liter of water, add 3 to 4 pieces of cucumber and add 2-3 pieces of lemon

Keep the water overnight

Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and 2 to 3 hours after meals.

It is essential to keep in mind that you should not drink this immediately after or along with meals. As it can interfere with digestion.


The medical grade healing water can help in many ways, however, solely depending on it may not be helpful. To remove excess acid created in the body after digestion of food, especially food with high protein, alkaline water is helpful. But our body also needs regular clean water. Keeping in the balance between both is always a helpful approach.

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